Uhhhh....funny photos I probably didn't make.

10 songs and 40 minutes of perfection.

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To: TCGS family
From: Erin
Re: Feelings on the state of the Chris Gethard Show

Hi. Old friend of the show. I say “old friend” not because I’ve been around since episode one, but because I realized today that I am probably of the last wave of people to find TCGS through UCB.

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Erin is cool.

I turned to an old friend to see what he thought of the thoughts I’ve been thinking lately,
His words put my nerves in the dirt, with an urgency in his voice, he said,
“With the blink of an eye we’ll be waiting to die in a retirement home in Florida,
Let’s get out of bed even when we don’t wanna.”

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Pretty self explanatory.

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I think my tombstone will say “Here Lies David Darley The World’s Most Self Hating Narcissist”.

I gotta work on changing that.  Hopefully, the eight people that follow me hold me to this.

Tim Barry calling us all out with the best song.

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